Vis Tape

Give your contractors the best.

Trusted to power MaxCell®, Vis Tape packs superior quality and accuracy into one high-performance pulling tape.

Sell the Best

Vis Tape vs. Lead Competitor

Designed for maximum efficiency and value, discover how Vis Tape outperforms other pull tapes on every front.

Better Visibility

When contractors see clearly, they can work confidently. Vis Tape's Mprint technology guarantees the highest degree of print legibility so there's no need to waste time and money correcting a mistake.

Greater Accuracy

With laser-controlled print-length accuracy, Vis Tape is prepped, printed, and calibrated to ensure your contractor’s pull tape length is never questioned.


Sun. Snow. Rain and mud. Contractors can weather all the elements thanks to Vis Tape's Mprint technology. It promises incredible durability that can always be counted on without compromising on softness.

Made in the USA

Milliken & Company, a textile expert for more than 150 years, has produced, optimized, and manufactured Vis Tape for the past 20 years as the pull tape powering MaxCell.

Made by Milliken, Used in MaxCell

Milliken is a world-renowned leader in textile manufacturing and material science innovation, and our products prove its commitment to quality and ethical partnerships every day. Developed through insightful, future-proofed, and cost-effective problem solving, Vis Tape is also the pull tape of choice in MaxCell, the standard of innerduct.

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